Wrapping up Study Abroad Life in London

It’s surreal to think I’ll be back in Kentucky in three days. The summer is already over and everything I’ve been working toward is coming to an end.


I have made my mark on Brixton Village; things are starting to progress with a bit of organization and support from other progress traders in the market. I only wish I could stay on the team to help things even further. I can confidently say that I have played an important role in getting this project off the ground and motivating others to bring this place to life.


I am finishing my internship work and preparing things in order to hand over to my supervisors. I am confident that Brixton Village has now found a more full time successor for me, someone who has more time and experience in this culture and history. I hope these people remember me when I leave. Remarkably, and unfortunately, I am the most comfortable and confident I have ever been with my communication skills. I truly believe this market is on the upward path to becoming a community. I have become invested in this project more than I could have ever imagined at the beginning. Stay tuned for the advancement and further development of WeAreBrixtonVillage.London because I know it’s going to be fantastic!


It’s time to compete my final international marketing requirements and see the last of London. I am happy to leave London to get back to home, my university and everything I have ever known. I can’t imagine how it will feel walking on campus thinking:

“Where are all of the bloody people?!”

“How am I going to drive that thing we all call a car?”

“Wow, most everyone talks with the same accent as me!”

“Where’d all this grass come from?”

“Why aren’t there more bars and pubs around me and why aren’t people drinking at all times?”

“You mean it’s not acceptable to be late in America?”


Lastly, let’s just say I’ll be spending a whole lot less time underground in Kentucky.

Though these are some light headed differences, I don’t think I’ll actually have to adjust to much coming back. Because of the nature of my internships, I never fully got into a weekly routine, which made things very exciting and move at an exceptionally fast pace.


It’s crazy how close I have gotten to some of the other CAPA students in such a short amount of time! Adapting to London in general is probably the easiest out of any location abroad. I am very grateful that and the opportunity to do so much with my time. It’s going to be so interesting to walk around WKU versus London because a lot more people know me. Being realistic, I am a bigger fish in a small pond at college. In London, I am one person out of probably 15 million, including all of the visitors. That might take some getting used to!


Toodles! Next time I post I will be back in America in my first week of school! No time for jet lag!

Blog post #8: http://capaworld.capa.org/wrapping-up-study-abroad-life-in-london


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