Preparing to Study Abroad in London

I will catch everyone up on my London adventures by sharing all the blog posts I wrote for the CAPA Global Education Blog!


Wandering around my university’s study abroad fair, I sensed study abroad was perfect for some people, maybe not me. The locations the programs offered sounded magnificent; however, the fields of study did not seem relevant to the goals I wanted to accomplish.

A few weeks later, I started to receive calls from study abroad programs I spoke with at the fair. I figured I had already traveled with family, so this wouldn’t give me any extra benefit. I started to consider the obstacles to spending my summer abroad:

  • Overwhelming cost
  • Missing out on an internship opportunity at home
  • Being finished with my general education requirements
  • Being away from my family and friends


My uncertainties started to drift away when CAPA started to contact me. Just from a few phone and email conversations, I felt as though I already had a place in this program. I felt like a friend, and like I was being taken care of.

Not only could this program accommodate my major in the classroom, but in the real world. I knew I wanted an experience that would further my abilities and an internship to expand my opportunities for a career. I also would never exclude wanting to have an invigorating six weeks of exploring!


Before I knew it, I was hooked. I obsessively started to fill out my application to study and intern for six weeks in London. The amount of preparation it has taken to go on this trip will all be worth it to assure I will have the best experience. I spent countless hours attempting to perfect every bit of my application and professional profile. To be matched with the best possible internship and most beneficial course in London would make everything worth it!


Up until two weeks before the start of my program, the three most important variables remain: my living arrangements, class, and internship. I understood when these variables would be solved, but my anxiousness and enthusiasm only grew even stronger. Once receiving all of my program information, I could not have dreamed of a better internship match, and I am thrilled to be taking the International Marketing course through CAPA!


Some of my biggest worries include:

  • Cramming what seems like my life into a suitcase
  • Getting lost
  • Being late, to ANYTHING
  • My internship interview

So now the time has arrived! After over six months of anxious preparation, my trip to study and intern in London has begun!

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