Crunch Time: Study Abroad Comes to a Close

It’s crunch time:

I feel lucky that this blog has given me the motivation and inclination to reflect on my trip each week. Now that we have less than a week and a half left of this program, we all have very mixed emotions. We can’t believe that six weeks has gone by so fast; we don’t want it to end; we are ready to get home; were tired of the tube, we can’t to get away from the pollution; there are too many people; our classes are expecting way too much out of us; there’s hardly enough time to see the rest of London.

Myself, I have revised a practical list of things I absolutely have to do with my time. Yes, schoolwork is included. Right now in “Learning Through Internships” class, we are reflecting on our internship sites and how we are functioning in the workplace. Mine has given me an idea of how much I have actually done, and how much I have hopefully made a difference. Though my internships are quite different than my peers, I have gotten a large amount freedom and the ability to contribute and implement my ideas. As an intern, that is huge. In both internships, I feel like a team member.


As for “International Marketing” class, we have been so grateful to have such a renowned and qualified teacher, but it seems as though we are frustrated when we hear about other classes going on field trips every week. It’s easier said than done, but International Marketing is everywhere, and I would love to know what type of marketing teams museums and other attractions in London in hire to make them so highly functional. That’s just one example. But of course we are going to complain about any schoolwork we encounter because we are young and want nothing stopping us from having fun!


I think I am ready to get back to Kentucky. Public transportation can be less stressful, but it has hindered me from seeing so much of the city. Many of us have gone in and out of sickness due to the massive amount of pollution in London, which is very dangerous for even a short amount of time. People have also gotten sick because of the sheer ridiculous amount of people. I feel myself washing my hands and touching less things, especially on the tube. I can keep my car as clean as I wish. Those are collective complaints, not like I’m having a terrible time at all! 🙂


I am glad I brought so many dressy clothes, but also tired of not having clothes that suit my daily life. I found that I only wore blazers once, and I looked really out of place. Also, many people have described the informality of their workplace, not just mine. Perhaps somehow a more detailed dress code could go into our pre-departure packet. Only having nice clothes keeps me from looking like a slob at least!


I hardly feel like a tourist because I am constantly with and work with people from different countries. It almost feels strange when I do tourist activities because no one knows how long I have been here. I am very well aware of the struggles of being a Londoner from experiencing it myself, to observing and listening to other people’s debates and conversations. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and locals are sick of it. Many of those who have grown up here want to move away because so many of them are fed up with the government. Sound familiar? The man in change is never really the most popular or favorable person in any location.


Now that I’ve written out every little sporadic thought about my week, I’ll give two bits of advice I learned a few times:

1.) Even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy something, give it a fair chance.

2.) Even if you have to go places by yourself, you’ll miss out on a lot less that way!

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