Moderation Matters

Overeating is a habit that students practice too often. Overeating can be stress-relieving, but overeating make your calorie count higher than you probably intended. If you do not practice moderation in your daily life, your average calorie count will rise, causing you to gain weight.

You can avoid weight gain by only eating when you are hungry. You also do not have to eat everything on your plate either. The portions you order at a restaurant are more than one serving size, adding unnoticed calories. The featured image shows an easy guide to foods without using measuring supplies.

ModerationA place to practice eating in moderation is at the Fresh Food Company. The buffet style has a lot of healthy and unhealthy options. Set boundaries, and do not go back for more servings. Remember to eat healthy food too. A good tip to eating at Fresh, or any buffet style, is to not stay long. If you stay in these places for long periods of time, you convince yourself that you are hungry.

Whether you are on or off campus, at a family holiday, or at your residence, moderation plays a large factor into your eating. Get in the habit of only eating when you are hungry, and recognizing you have eaten too much.

College students typically struggle with weight gain, and want to avoid it. An article on the WebMD Website titled, “Freshman 15 College Weight Gain is Real,” states, “Researchers found the average amount of weight gained during the study was modest, at about 3.3 pounds. But 23% of college freshmen gained at least 5% of their body weight and none lost that amount.” This statistic makes weight gain in college a real statistic, rather than a myth. Eating in moderation is an important step for students to not gain weight and have healthy diet.


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