Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Take these types of food to class for breakfast Take these types of food to class for breakfast

College students give many excuses as to why they skip breakfast on a daily basis. These excuses include not having time, not having food, not being hungry when they wake up, and trying to cut down on calorie intake. These excuses do not make skipping breakfast any healthier. According to the Symptom Find website, these are the top ten reasons that everyone should eat breakfast:

  1. Energy Boost to Start the Day
  2. Sharper Focus
  3. Breakfast Helps Reduce Morning Crankiness
  4. Metabolism Boost
  5. Prevents Starvation
  6. Keeps you from Overeating
  7. Allows you to Properly Proportion your meals
  8. Helps Lower “Bad” Cholesterol
  9. Breakfast Can be Nutritious and Delicious
  10. Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

College is not an easy lifestyle even remember to breakfast, let alone a nutritious one. The best solution for a quick and healthy breakfast is to buy cereal, granola bars, smoothies, yogurt or fruit. These foods are items you can grab and eat while walking to class or in class. Each of these items takes no preparation time and still gives you a healthy start to the day. Also, there is a difference between eating a Kellogg’s PopTart for breakfast versus a nutrient filled granola bar.

From, a study from July 2012 says that the “Dairy Research Institute found that people who skip breakfast weigh more and have more unhealthy habits than those who eat breakfast. Those who skip breakfast consume 40 percent more sweets, 55 percent more soft drinks, 45 percent fewer vegetables and 30 percent less fruit than people who eat breakfast.” This statistic should be enough for college students to realize to have a healthy diet for the day, breakfast is a smart choice for the start of the day.


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