Farmers Market Grocery Shopping

“Buying local supports local farmers and the local economy and assures that you’re getting the freshest, best-tasting and most nutritious foods.”

~Taken from the SKY Farmer’s Market Website

Rather than going to Kroger for groceries, consider buying locally at places like SKY Farmers Market. This is an opportunity for students to surround themselves with friendly people who take healthy eating passionately. The local buyers and sellers make the market an atmosphere worth visiting. These natural foods are easy to incorporate into a student’s diet, and into their budget.

Farmer’s markets provides endless opportunities. Contrary to people’s beliefs, food at the local market costs the same amount of money as a fast food meal; it is much healthier too. The average meal at McDonalds costs $4.75, when SKY market has hormone and antibiotic free Angus beef, chicken, and pork by the pound, for the same amount of money (Taken from Burger Business website) Three Angus burger patties cost $7.49 (Refer to photo with meat prices). If your hunger will not hold, some booths make food on the scene—one had homemade pizza. On the sweet side, one booth had homemade cookies, granola, bread, and cinnamon rolls. The SKY Farmers Market website has suggestions for recipes. It also has the names of the farmers, updated newsletters and information about upcoming events.

Whether you live a hectic or laid-back schedule, you should incorporate natural foods into your diet. The farmers market could be a new way to view healthy eating, instead of the produce section in a grocery store. The atmosphere trumps the atmosphere of places like Kroger or McDonald’s. A visit to the farmers market could spark motivation to start eating local, and natural foods. The consumption of natural foods is an easy, and still fast, way to stay healthy.


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