Bowling Green Daily News |Letter to the Editor: Bourbon bill could bring taste of more revenues

The Feb. 11 article, “Bill backed by distilleries advances in Kentucky,” brings about an issue in Kentucky distilleries that has an obvious resolution.

House Bill 198 is a small resolution that will allow a large profitable outcome for distilleries and Kentucky. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that tourism in Kentucky supplies 175,000 jobs, $1.3 billion in taxes and stands as a $12.5 billion industry. With that being said, Kentucky bourbon is one of the top revenue sources in Kentucky.

It is in Kentucky’s best interest to implement such simple methods to raise distillery sales, such as giving customers more options than buying by the half-ounce or bottle. If distillery visitors are able to casually drink a glass, it might make them more comfortable to buy a bottle of the world’s most luxurious and coveted bourbon. Buying by the glass would allow distillery visitors to experience the full taste of the beverage before they spend over $40 on a bottle. This premise applies to both wineries and distilleries; whether it is one drink, or the whole bottle, the sales will bring in revenue.

Having worked in the tourism industry, I studied the importance of each aspect that makes Kentucky unique. As a whole, Kentucky must protect their industries that have an existing future. Kentucky must focus on which industries are flourishing and will bring future revenue.

Version on Bowling Green Daily news online “Bourbon bill could bring taste of more revenues”

Original article “Bill backed by distilleries advances in Kentucky


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