Press Release Writing Exercise


Current chief operating officer at Mylan, Pennsylvania-based generic drug maker allegedly did not complete necessary hours for an EMBA degree at West Virginia University in October 2007.

Heather Bresch, daughter of United States Senator Joe Manchin, graduated from West Virginia University with an EMBA degree in October 2007. Recent claims state that Bresch only completed 22 of the 48 credit-hour program and did not pay the $50 dollar graduation fee in order to graduate.

The claims say that, the governor at the time, Joe Manchin, agreed with William Garrison to provide an increase in state funding in return for his daughter to graduate. William Garrison at the time was the Dean of business, and is now the president of West Virginia University. The claimed that Garrison sent a letter to the admissions board granting six classes to Bresch’s record with letter grades, and changing two classes with “Incomplete” grades to letter grades.

As proof against the false accusations, on October 15, 2007, a West Virginia University spokesperson announced that WVU verified that that Bresch “completed all the requirements for an executive masters of business administration degree.” However, Bresch did not receive her diploma because she did not pay the $50 dollar fee to graduate. 

The spokeswoman then assured that the misunderstanding was due to the business school’s failure to transfer records from nearly half of the her course work. This misunderstanding creates the illusion that Bresch did not complete all 48 credit hours. President Garrison had no part in the miscommunication.


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