Press Release Writing Exercise 2: Internal

Dear students and staff,

As the new President of West Virginia University, I would like to formally inform you that the university fired William Garrison from office for wrongly granting a EMBD degree to a student who did not have the required credit hours. While he was the Dean of Business in 2007, Garrison sent a letter to the admissions board granting the student six classes with letter grades, and changing two incomplete classes to classes with letter grades.

The arrangement included the student’s degree for an increase in state funding. Not only did he allow the student to graduate, he denied all accusations of this crime afterward. Garrison became the president of WVU in 2009, but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did not  prove him guilty until this time.

The WVU Registrar told the newspaper that Bresch had earned an undergraduate degree, but did not finish her graduate degree. However, in October 2007, Garrison the WVU spokesperson talked of a misunderstanding regarding transfer credit hours, claiming there was no wrongdoing.

Every student has a right to fair treatment at WVU. Garrison misused his power by deceiving the students and staff of the university, as well as the public. As the new President, I assure that each student will earn their degree from this university.

Thank you,

President Dalessrandro


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