Press Release Writing Exercise 2: External

West Virginia University President is fired after proven accusations of granting credit hours for increase of state funding in 2007.

After much denial, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette proved that William Garrison wrongfully granted a student a EMBD degree in October 2007. While Garrison was Dean of Business at West Virginia University, he sent a letter to the board of admissions granting permission to add six classes to a students record, as well as changing two others from “Incomplete” to letter grades.

After graduation, this student held the job as the chief operating officer at Mylan, a Cecil Township, Pennsylvania-based generic drug maker.

A West Virginia University spokesperson announced that officials verified that Bresch had “completed all the requirements for an executive masters of business administration degree,” but did not receive her diploma because she failed to pay a $50 graduation fee. This announcement made Garrison look as though he was innocent of any wrong doing.

The controversies with the West Virginia officials and staff led to public interest. After two years, the university made the decision to fire Garrison for his actions. The new West Virginia University President is Mark Dalessrandro.



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