Revised Bullying Report

The Kentucky Department of Education conducted an anonymous survey on the statistics of bullying in schools, and the conductors were shocked at the numbers. The survey showed, in fact, bullying is still a prevalent struggle on school grounds.

When the students took the survey, almost one-half of the middle school students said that they have been bullied on school grounds, and 13 percent of high school students admitted to have been bullied electronically. In addition, when the Kentucky Department of Education partnered with family recourse and youth service centers they found that bullying is only one of the many lingering issues in Kentucky schools.

As these students completed the survey, the Department of Education concluded that 47 percent of high school students said they have tried smoking. Among these students, over 12 percent of the high school students said they had even taken prescription drugs without a doctors prescription. Lastly, almost 45 percent of high school students claimed to have already had sexual intercourse. These statistics were taken from the article “Review Provides a Glimpse of KY Teens’ Behaviors” on the website

The Kentucky Department of Education has made strenuous efforts into decreasing the amount of children that continue to bully in schools. The department has gone so far to recognize the entire month of October as the “National Bullying Prevention Month”.

In Rush County, Indiana, two boys were physically bullied on camera at their own school. The two best friends were beaten only a couple weeks apart.  In the article “Two beatings at middle school highlight bullying problems”  taken from, the reporter says, “The eighth grader says his eyes were closed and he doesn’t remember what happened because he was beaten unconscious. Five of his teeth were knocked loose and he was left with a bruised and bloody lip.” The second boy had very similar injuries.

One of the mothers explained after watching the video herself, “He was knocked completely unconscious. The boy came at a dead run, jumped into the air, drew back and hit him with everything he had — knocked him off his feet and his head hit the floor.”

Now after the separate beatings, two boys have withdrawn from school. But there is nothing that can stop the two boys from constantly reliving the bullying. The article states, “Anytime Austin and Logan go outside their homes, they live in fear. Austin says, ‘I just know if I keep looking over my shoulder, I can see what’s coming.’ And Logan says although he still likes to ‘hang out with people and stuff, it isn’t the same.’  When asked what it would take to get everything back to normal, he replies, ‘For them to not come back at all?'”

Story source from

Even after the school removed them from school and punished the other children, it will never really make the two boys feel safe again. This is why The Kentucky Department of Education promotes the prevention of bullying.

The “Bullying and Harassment” section found at has a sort of tag line: “In schools across Kentucky, students and educators are working together to raise awareness of bullying prevention and show people how to create a school culture where bullying is not an option.” This statement is used as a type of reassurance in order to comfort the students and families effected by bullying.

The website clearly defines and differentiates between the different types of bullying. The idea is that the Kentucky Department of Education is not taking a passive approach to the lurking issue of bullying, they want to stop it completely.


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