Short Story on Saving Money in College

When I came to college at Western Kentucky University, I expected constant expenses. Over time, I have learned easy ways to cut back these expenses, even in a sorority. Although I do not have to pay for college or my sorority by myself, I do not waste the money that my parents provide. As I got involved in Greek life on campus, the expenses for everything increased even more. However, I do not have to pay much more than my semester dues if I do not feel inclined.  There are only certain events that I have to pay money outside of my dues. Constantly, my organization offers t-shirts for different events, but that does not mean I am required to buy all of them. I try to cut back on the amount of things, such as t-shirts, that I purchase for myself. I also try not to go on constant shopping excursions. For instance, my sorority has countless events, such as themed mixers. I could buy an elaborate costume, but I can usually find something in my closet that could work for a costume just the same, without spending more money. This goes for formal dances as well. Since I am in a sorority, I also do not have to buy an outfit for formal dances, or when I cannot find anything to wear. I can choose from my sisters’ closets. I also learned that going out to eat on a regular basis also racks up money. Meal plans are expensive in themselves, there is no reason to not spend them if you have them. I have experienced that there are many options on campus to choose from, and meal plans are worth using. Though these are all small things to consider, these small things help save money and have helped my expenses stay at a lower cost during the school year.